Year 4

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Year 4 Term 1: Bristol and Beyond!

Year 4 will be learning about the famous Tudor explorer John Cabot and his exploration aboard The Matthew. Through a trip to The Matthew and a guided historical tour, we will be learning about what life was like in Tudor Bristol. We will be using secondary sources and discussions with historians to enrich our learning and understanding. Children will write in role as sailors on board The Matthew and debate the need for exploration.

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Year 4 Term 2: Light Up the World!

This term Year 4 will be learning about electricity. We will be investigating how to create successful circuits including switches and lights. We will be studying colour in art and focusing on the work of the artists Kandinsky and Frankenthaler.

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Year 4 Term 3: What a Load of Junk!

This term Year 4 will be learning about solids, liquids and gases and how they change state. We will be investigating the water cycle and using thermometers to measure temperature. We will be studying pattern in art and the work of impressionist artists such as Monet.

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Year 4 Term 4: It’s a Small World

This term Year 4 will be learning about day and night and how it is linked to the movement of the Earth. We will be studying Brazil, including the landscape, life in a Brazilian city, clothes, cooking and weather and how it is similar and different to life in the UK. We will be studying the works/skies of Eugène Boudin. We will also be using watercolours to paint skies and sunsets and re-creating a variety of pictures using pointillism.

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Year 4 Term 5: Horrible Histories

After Easter, Year 4 will be learning about the Rotten Romans and how they have changed Britain. We will be looking at how the Roman invasions change the way people lived, traded and socialised. How the invasions affect the cultural development of Britain, the political issues surrounding Boudicca’s invasion and how the British landscape was changed. We will be studying how sound is made and how pitch and volume are changed in Science. In Computing we will be using computer programs to create and edit our own music.

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Year 4 Term 6: Wild Things!

This term Year 4 are learning about Living things and their habitats. We will be looking at the different ways that living things can be grouped and how to classify and name them. We will also be recognising that environments can change and the dangers this poses.

In computing we will be using HTML editors. We will be learning about the history of the web and how to write and edit HTML.

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