Our Learning in Nursery

Our Learning in Nursery


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Nursery (2)

In our maths area we love exploring all of our different maths resources. We can practise our counting with beads, multilink cubes or by singing songs like 5 speckled frogs and 5 currant buns! We look at and arrange shapes and create patterns using resources like the numicon boards and pieces.


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We can practise our mark making with pencils, crayons and felt tips. We are learning how to hold a pencil in a pincer grip and will be learning how to write our own names! We can help ourselves to our resources and we know how to put them away too!






Nursery (13)We have a very cosy reading area where we love to look at lots of different books. We are practising holding our books the right way and turning the pages. We like to talk about the pictures in our stories with our friends. At 3 o’clock every day we sit on the carpet ready for Miss Smith to read us a story or two! We also have books that we can borrow from school to read at home with our grownups.




Nursery (1)

We have lots of different construction and small world resources. We can build with wooden bricks, duplo or stickle bricks or we can create a super marble run! We work together to create long train tracks that stretch right across the classroom and can play with the cars and garage or miniature house too!





We love to play in our large garden throughout the year. We have sand and water to explore, waffle blocks and big bricks for large construction and mark making resources as well. We love to take our clipboards around the garden looking for minibeasts or drawing pictures of flowers. We are learning how to take turns on the bikes and how to climb and balance safely. 

Nursery (16)

We love to role play in the house. We often pretend to cook food for each other, look after the babies and can even do the ironing! We also love dressing up and carrying bags to go shopping or to work!