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Headteacher's Welcome

Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Henbury Court Primary Academy.

Our pupils are polite, kind and hardworking and make excellent progress in all areas of their learning. Our bright, well-resourced school and committed staff enable our children to embrace learning in a safe environment and grow into confident learners.   

Our pupils enjoy a broad and exciting curriculum that  provides many exciting opportunities both locally and further afield alongside a rigorous and challenging programme of skills teaching that ensures they leave Henbury Court well equipped, not just for the next stage in their educational journey but for their lives beyond that. We want our children to believe in themselves and have confidence to pursue their ambitions.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, welcoming and friendly school that promotes tolerance and respect for others. Parents and carers are regularly invited to class and celebration assemblies, demonstration lessons as well as useful and informative workshops, which are great opportunities to share in your child’s successes, meet other parents and teachers and become part of our community.

We have high expectations of our children and work closely with parents and carers to encourage and support them. Parents, carers and children are able to share concerns or worries and we will always seek to resolve them together.

We are proud to be part of the Endeavour Academy Trust and work closely with our partner schools to support improvement and share good practice. Children from both schools take part in events and sometimes work together. They feel a strong sense of connection to each other and enjoy the benefits of this wider school community. There are currently three Endeavour schools: Little Mead Primary Academy, Henbury Court Primary Academy and Fonthill Primary Academy. We are also planning the construction of a brand new primary school that will open in September 2019. 

Our website will give you a flavour of what Henbury Court Primary Academy has to offer. Whether you are considering Henbury Court Nursery, looking for your child’s reception placement or moving into the area, please come and visit us and see for yourself. We would be pleased to show you around. Visits can be arranged through the school office on 0117 3772196.

Jo Rice, Head Teacher