Historical and Geographical Understanding

At Henbury Court, we are developing a history curriculum that makes connections between the local history of Henbury and wider events of historical importance in the UK.  We want our children to be proud of their local heritage as well as understand how it fits in with the bigger picture of the history of our nation.
Within history lessons, children are taught to interpret and analyse a range of historical evidence, ask questions and form their own opinions.  To enhance their historical learning, each year group offers a variety of school trips to local historical sites. We hope these trips really bring their learning to life!
The links below offer some general information about the primary history curriculum and some information about the history of Bristol.  For more specific links to the period of time your child is studying, please see the relevant class page.

Click here to learn some interesting facts about Bristol and your local area.

We would like your children to enjoy discovering information about the United Kingdom and the world beyond.  We encourage them to take an interest in environments, community and cultures.
This year we are working together with The English Heritage Project to develop skills in reading, drawing and following maps.  An exciting website you can access at home is:
We also look forward to holding an international day later on in the year and trips out to investigate the local area.
We value any input from parents and welcome you to join our international day. We would also invite you to share your experiences of living in and visiting different places with your child’s class.
Old Henbury

The Henbury Court site in the 1900s.

The Henbury Court site in the 1900s.





HCPA 2012

Henbury Court in 2012


Henbury Court in 2012.