Vision Statement

Henbury Court Primary Academy is an inclusive and friendly school at the heart of the community. We have high expectations of our pupils and believe that every child in our school can contribute to society and succeed. We are ambitious for all pupils, regardless of their starting point. We are committed to working with families and other agencies in order to provide the best possible education.

We aim for all our pupils to:

• Be responsible local and global citizens

• Have a love of learning which they will take forward into their adult life

• Be confident, motivated and have high expectations of themselves

• Be resilient and embrace challenge

• Be proud to be part of Henbury Court Primary Academy

To support our pupils, we will provide a safe, high quality learning environment where all pupils feel valued. We will ensure that teaching is excellent so that pupils can achieve their best whilst also ensuring that they are supported where necessary. The use of technology will be promoted alongside life skills so that pupils are well equipped for the next steps in their education.