We are extremely proud of our school grounds and are lucky enough to have lots of space for children to play in during lunchtimes. Reception, KS1 and KS2 all have their own playgrounds and play equipment.

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Across all playtimes we work hard to ensure that children have lots of opportunities to play in different ways. During lunchtimes the children have access to the trim trails; bikes and trikes; Play Pod equipment as well as skipping ropes and balls etc.  

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Playground Buddies

We have a playground buddy system at lunch times. There is one buddy per class per day in years 2 - 6 who wears a yellow bib so they are recognisable in the playground. Buddies are chosen by the class teacher each day based on who is demonstrating great buddy values e.g. helpful, kind, friendly, sensible, reliable, enthusiastic. The buddy keeps their yellow bib on their chair in the classroom.

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What do playground buddies do?

●        Organise games.

●        Monitor the ‘Buddy Zone’ where children can go if they need a buddy.

●        Play with children who are lonely.

●        Help to keep an eye on younger children.

●        Support children who have fallen out with their friends or are feeling sad.

●        Help children who have very low-level conflicts to sort them out.

●        Be a friendly person that other children can go to for help if they need it.

●        Be a help to lunchtime assistants.

Some of our children who have been chosen as buddies have said:-

'I will be a friendly person when people are sad'

'I will support people who have fallen out with their friends'

'I can monitor the Buddy Zone and play with lonely children'

'I am enthusiastic, reliable and kind and will be a friendly person to other children.'


Playground Charter

Our Playground Charter was written in 2014 with input from all children during an assembly. We wrote the charter to guide children to have a safe and fun time in the playground. 

Playground Charter

Playground Behaviour

We work very hard to ensure that we are kind to one another and that we ensure that everyone is included. If things go wrong there are clear guidelines for rewards and sanctions.

Playground Behaviour