About Our Academy

    Henbury Court Primary Academy joined the Endeavour Academy Trust in April 2013.  We serve families from Henbury and the immediate area but also families from wider Bristol who access our resource base for pupils with hearing impairment.

    Since joining the Trust in 2013 the school has gone from strength to strength.  Growing in popularity within the local community and developing a strong reputation for good quality provision across Bristol.

    We are ambitious for all our pupils; believing that with the highest quality teaching and curriculum experiences children will reach their full potential.  Our curriculum is broad and balanced and encourages the development of basic skills throughout the children’s time with us.  Alongside this focus on reading, writing and mathematics are core experiences which we believe every child attending our school should have.  These include the development of computing skills; the opportunity to take part in music and sport at all levels; building an understanding of the local community and its strengths but also the wider world.  There is a strong focus on learning and developing a love of learning that can be taken on to the next stage in children’s educational journey and their lives beyond. 

    Children leave Henbury Court with strong skills in reading, writing and mathematics and we ensure that every child achieves their full potential in these important areas.

    At Henbury Court we instil a love of learning in our children for now and the future.  If you would like to know more about our school please explore the website further or contact the school office on 0117 377 2196.


    To find out more about Endeavour Academy Trust please click here to visit the website or use the contact details below:-

    Endeavour Academy Trust 
    C/o Little Mead Primary Academy
    Gosforth Rd
    BS10 6DS
    Email Address: enquiries@endeavouracademytrust.org.uk
    Telephone: 0117 377 2975