Policies and Documents

Please see below for a list of our school policies. Some of our policies relate to Henbury Court Primary Academy directly and some are Trust policies that are implemented across all schools.

Other policies that are used by the Trust but that do not directly apply to any school can be found on the Endeavour Academy Trust website.

Page Downloads

Accessibility Plan 01st Mar 2017 Additional Needs & Inclusion Policy 25th Nov 2019 Admissions Policy 2018-19 01st Feb 2017 Admissions Policy 2019-20 04th Sep 2018 Admissions Policy 2020-21 08th Mar 2019 Asbestos Management Plan 10th Jan 2020 Behaviour Policy 30th Nov 2019 Charging and Remissions Policy 05th Nov 2018 Children in Care Policy 25th Nov 2019 Complaints Policy 25th Nov 2019 Cyber Security Policy 30th Nov 2018 Data Protection Impact Assessment Proced... 25th May 2018 Data Protection Policy 25th May 2018 Debt Management Policy 14th Sep 2017 Digital Imaging Policy 01st Jan 2018 Drug Education Policy 30th Nov 2018 Emergency Closure Policy 01st Apr 2019 Equality Policy 31st May 2017 Exclusion Policy 01st Mar 2019 Exclusion Policy Appendix - DfE guidance 27th Jun 2017 First Aid Policy 23rd Mar 2018 Food Policy 01st Dec 2017 Freedom Of Information Publication Schem... 26th Oct 2018 Health & Safety Policy 18th Oct 2018 Information Security Incident Procedure 25th May 2018 Intimate Care Policy 01st Nov 2017 Lettings Policy 09th Apr 2018 Lettings Policy - Hire Charges 09th Apr 2018 Nursery Admissions Policy 02nd Dec 2019 Online Safety Policy 18th Oct 2018 Persistent Complaints and Harassment Pol... 25th Nov 2019 Privacy Notice - Governance Team 25th May 2018 Privacy Notice - Parents and Carers 25th May 2018 Privacy Notice - Staff 25th May 2018 Privacy Notice - Visiting Speakers 25th May 2018 Privacy Notice - Volunteers 25th May 2018 Pupil Attendance Policy 01st Mar 2019 Records Retention Policy 25th May 2018 Safeguarding Policy 01st Jan 2019 Safeguarding Arrangements at Henbury Cou... 24th Oct 2019 Safeguarding Checks Policy 30th Sep 2018 Say No to Bullying Policy 31st Jan 2019 Sex & Relationships Education Policy 21st May 2018 Subject Access Request Procedure 25th May 2018 Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs 31st Jan 2018 Use of Physical Intervention Policy 25th Nov 2019 Visiting Speakers Policy 04th Apr 2017 Whistle Blowing Policy 25th Nov 2019